My Top 10 Favourite Things

10. Wii
I like playing on the Wii because I have a lot of games for it. My favourite game is Sea Monsters. I like Sea Monsters because I like marine reptiles. In the game you have to find all of the fossils to unlock the Sea Monsters. It is a difficult game and I am half way through it.

9. Books
I like reading books because I have many books to read. The book I am reading right now is Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland. I like the book because it is about Dragons.

8. Zoo
I like going to the zoo because I like seeing all the animals. My favourite animal is the rhino. I like the rhino because when was little I had a toy and I carried it everywhere.
Link to the Toronto Zoo’s Website:

7. Building Lego
I like building Lego because Lego is very fun to build. My favourite Lego set is a train set. I like to because is remote controlled.

6. Drawing
I like Drawing because I think I have skill. I like drawing Pokemon. I like drawing it because I love Pokemon!! I like drawing Pokemon because they are easy to draw.

5 .D.S
I like to play on my D.S because I have lot of games. My favourite game is Pokemon. It is my favourite game because as I said, I LOVE Pokemon!!!

4. ROM
I like going to the ROM because it has DINOSAURS!!!!! I like it because all my life I have loved dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures that lived 65 million years ago.
Link to the ROM’s Website:

3. iPad
I like Playing on my iPad because I have a lot of games. My favourite game is Minomonster. I like Minomonster because it is a free app which is like Pokemon.

2. Canada’s Wonderland
I love going to Canada’s Wonderland because there is a lot of rides. My favourite ride is the Behemoth. I like it because it is a big rollercoaster.
Link to the Canada’s Wonderland Website:

1. Computer
I love playing on my computer because I have lots of games. My all time favourite game is Minecraft. I love Minecraft because it is a very very fun game.
Minecraft Trailer (Video):

How to be a Good Digital Citizen

The Digizen game about digital citizenship was about a student that is being bullied. In the game you help him try to stop the bullying. This is a good game for kids to play because it teaches about what online bullying is and how to get help. There was also some internet safely information. I think that it is important for people to treat each other with the same kindness online as you would face to face.

My Passion

This week my passion is still dinosaurs because of the science and awesomeness. Even though I’ve seen the movie Jurassic Park about twenty times I just went the theatre to see it in 3D. My favourite part is when the T-rex breaks out of the fenced area. I would rather watch documentaries about dinosaurs than movies with dinos and people. When I grow up I want to be a paleontologist because I know that I would love that job. I have over 100 dinosaurs toys and my favourite are the realistic looking ones. My favourite dinosaur is the spinosaurus.

Top 10 Jobs

10.Computer designer
9.Airplane designer
8.Dinosaur move Designer
7.Video game Designer
6.Rollercoaster Designer
5.Dinosaur Museum curator
4.Dinosaur toys Designer
3.Illustrating dinosaur books
2.Making casts of dinosaur fossils


When I think of science, I think of chemistry. When I think of chemistry, I think of test tubes, beakers and explosions. I would like to learn more about chemistry. I know a little bit about chemistry because I like creating baking soda volcanoes, and I like to think of them as explosions. To make the volcano erupt, you need to add baking soda and vinegar together to create a chemical reaction. If you don’t want to make a volcano all you need to do is get a tall glass. Next add a spoonful of baking soda and then pour a bit of vinegar and stand back and enjoy the explosion. Warning: Do try this at home!

Learning to Cook

I would like to learn to cook now because when I am older I will have to cook meals by myself. I already help my parents when we cook pizza. I help roll the dough and put on my toppings. I have helped prepare sautéed green beans with garlic. I had to ensure that the beans were cooked evenly. I often stir the gravy when we are having a roast chicken meal with mashed potatoes. When we make jello I stir the boiling the water until the jello dissolves. I love baking cookies because the best part of making cookies is eating them at the end.

I Am Thankful For…

I am thankful for Christmas holidays because I can spend time with family members. It is fun to put up the Christmas tree and count down the days until Santa comes. I like to be at home relaxing and playing with my dinosaour toys instead of going to school. I am thankful for having a warm house lots of delicous food for the holidays. It is nice to spend time with aunts, uncles and cousins too. That is why I am thankful for the Christmas holidays.